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Bond Uni. 부설 영어기관의 한국학생들을 위한 Special offer
[ 2010-07-07 09:50:55 ]
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Esteemed Korean BUELI agents and colleagues, greetings from the BUELI on the GOLD COAST !


We are delighted to inform you that we are offering a special promotion to the end of 2010.


We are reducing our English Language course fees to $295 per week for Korean students


From the 15th June 2010 to the 31st of December 2010 we will be able to sell all BUELI courses to Korean students from Korean agencies  at $295 per week, to all weeks for two weeks (our minimum)and above.


We are also reducing the processing fee from $200 for international students to only $100 for the duration of this promotion.


·         if students enrol through an office in Korea but carry a different passport they will be considered  Korean for these purposes

·         If a student of Korean nationality enrols through an Australian based office this promotion also applies

·         If a student of a different nationality wants to enrol through an Australian based agency, please contact us and we will confirm whether this promotion applies to their nationality.


The offer applies to enrolments in;


General English, Cambridge FCE, Business English and English for Academic Purposes


Note that the offer does not apply to the following additional fees and charges


1)      The compulsory Student Activities fee remains at $5.00 per week over and above the tuition charges.

2)      Overseas Student Health Cover charges will need to continue to be arranged separately

3)      Airport pick up, accommodation placement and home stay fees remain as published for 2010.


When you send applications through to the bueli@bond.edu.au address, please write promotional offer in the subject line so that we can process accordingly.


Best of luck in your recruitment efforts and we look forward to continuing to provide Koreans with better opportunities to experience the wonderful education, facilities and social life our beautiful campus has to offer, located as we are in one of the most fantastic parts of the country.



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